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May 7, 2014

“Make Your Move” review

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Written by: MANAA
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Make The Move To See “Make Your Move”, A Fun And Exciting Romance Dance Drama Starring Derek Hough (“Dancing With The Stars”) and BoA (Korean Pop Star)by Warren Hong

I saw the new movie called “Make Your Move”, at the CGV Cinema in L.A.’s Koreatown on April 27.  I thought it was one of two good films I’ve seen so far this year (the other movie is the “Robocop” remake I saw the day before).

“Make Your Move” has good dancing, some good acting (especially from supporting actor Will Yun Lee), and an interesting love story involving the main characters Donny (played by Derek Hough of “Dancing With The Stars”) and Aya (pretty Korean singer/dancer, BoA).

The romantic dance drama is somewhat based on “Romeo and Juliet”. Donny is a dancer in New Orleans, who decides to go back to New York City to visit his adopted brother Nick, who is the owner of a club.

Kaz (played by Will Yun Lee) is the former business partner of Nick.  Kaz and Nick don’t really get along that well anymore.  Kaz’s sister named Aya is also a performer, just like Donny.  That’s where the movie is similar to “West Side Story,” which was based on “Romeo and Juliet.”

Some may wonder about the white male/Asian female pairing since many feel that’s a Hollywood cliche.  For instance, is there a reason for them to fall in love?  Or is it just, “Asian woman falls for white man for no reason,” as has often been the case in the past?
Yes, I think there’s a reason for the two main characters to fall in love.  They’re both dancers, Donny saw a painting of Aya and started to become interested in her, they got to know each other better during a dinner date, and they started to like each other during their (?) dance-off on top of the bar.

The movie makes you care about the characters and the situations.

It’s good to see Will Yun Lee play a character who isn’t a villain.  There are other Asian Americans (although in small roles) in this U.S./South Korean co-production:
Miki Ishikawa plays “Natsumi” (a friend of BoA’s character) and Rich Ting co-stars as “Oku,” an assistant of Kaz.

Right now in the L.A. area, “MYM” is showing only at the CGV Cinema in Koreatown and in the city of Orange.  It opened on April 18 but is playing in fewer theatres now.

CJ Entertainment seemed to do a bad job of releasing this movie.  I believe it would be doing a lot better if it was also shown at the AMC Atlantic Times Square and in the 2014 L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival.

People–especially fans of Derek Hough or “Dancing With The Stars”–should definitely see “Make Your Move.”  Catch it while you still have a chance.  Call CGV at (213) 388-9000 or check for more info.

By the way, at the L.A. Asian Film Fest 2014 last Saturday, Howard Fong and I saw Kathy Uyen’s romantic comedy “How to Fight in Six Inch Heels”.  I’d recommend that along with “Awesome Asian Bad Guys,” an upcoming webseries.

(Warren Hong is a marketing manager for Cinema Epoch and lives in L.A.’s Chinatown)

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