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The tragic and heroic determine of Queen Kunti emerges from an explosive period within the historical past of old India. As comparable within the Mahabharata, India's grand epic poem of 110,000 couplets, Kunti was once the spouse of King Pandu and the mummy of 5 illustrious sons referred to as the Pandavas. As such, she used to be one of many primary figures in a fancy political drama that culminated fifty centuries in the past within the Kuruksetra struggle, a devastating battle of ascendancy that modified the process international occasions. The Mahabharata describes the prelude to the holocaust as follows:

Pandu turned king simply because his elder brother Dhrtarastra have been born blind, a situation that excluded him from direct succession. it slow after Pandu ascended to the throne, Dhrtarastra married Gandhari and fathered 100 sons. This used to be the ruling kin of the Kaurava dynasty, of whom the eldest was once the formidable and harsh Duryodhana.

Meanwhile, Pandu had taken other halves, Madri and Kunti. initially named Prtha, Kunti used to be the daughter of Surasena, the executive of the wonderful Yadu dynasty. The Mahabharata relates that Kunti "was talented with attractiveness and personality; she had fun within the legislation [dharma] and used to be nice in her vows." She additionally possessed an strange benediction. whilst she used to be a baby, her father Surasena had given her in adoption to his childless cousin and shut pal Kuntibhoja (hence the identify "Kunti"). In her stepfather's apartment, Kunti's accountability used to be to seem after the welfare of visitors. at some point the robust sage and mystic Durvasa got here there and used to be happy by way of Kunti's selfless provider. Foreseeing that she may have hassle conceiving sons, Durvasa gave her the benediction that she may invoke any demigod and by means of him receive progeny.
After Kunti married Pandu, he used to be positioned below a curse that avoided him from begetting childrens. So he renounced the throne and retired along with his other halves to the woodland. There Kunti's distinct benediction enabled her to conceive (at her husband's request) 3 wonderful sons. First she invoked Dharma, the demigod of faith. After worshiping him and repeating an invocation Durvasa had taught her, she united with Dharma and, in time, gave start to a boy. once the kid was once born, a voice without obvious resource stated, "This baby can be referred to as Yudhisthira, and he'll be very virtuous. he'll be best suited, decided, renounced, and recognized through the 3 worlds."

Having been blessed with this virtuous son, Pandu then requested Kunti for a son of significant actual power. hence Kunti invoked Vayu, the demigod of the wind, who begot the effective Bhima. Upon Bhima's start the supernatural voice stated, "This baby stands out as the most well known of all robust men."

Thereafter Pandu consulted with nice sages within the woodland after which requested Kunti to monitor vows of austerity for one complete yr. on the finish of this era Pandu acknowledged to Kunti, "O appealing one, Indra, the King of heaven, is proud of you, so invoke him and conceive a son." Kunti then invoked Indra, who got here to her and begot Arjuna. once the prince used to be born, an identical celestial voice boomed throughout the sky: "O Kunti, this baby might be as robust as Kartavirya and Sibi [two strong kings of Vedic instances] and as invincible in conflict as Indra himself. he'll unfold your reputation all over and obtain many divine weapons." hence, Pandu's junior spouse Madri bore sons named Nakula and Sahadeva. those 5 sons of Pandu (Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva) then got here to be often called the Pandavas.

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