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By Theodore Provder (Eds.)

content material: Particle dimension research by means of chromatography / A.J. McHugh, D.J. Nagy, and C.A. Silebi --
dimension exclusion chromatography of version latices : a feasibility research / J.E. Johnston, C.L. Cowherd, and T.B. MacRury --
Particle measurement research utilizing measurement exclusion chromatography / A. Husain, A.E. Hamielec, and J. Vlachopoulos --
Exclusion chromatography research of latex ideas for tracking nitrile resin polymerizations / T.J. Williamson, V.F. Gaylor, and that i. Piirma --
Polymer viscosity characterization by means of measurement exclusion chromatography / W.W. Yau, M.E. Jones, C.R. Ginnard, and D.D. Bly --
Characterization of branched polymers via dimension exclusion chromatography with mild scattering detection / R.C. Jordan and M.L. McConnell --
The molecular weight and branching distribution process / G.N. Foster, A.E. Hamielec, and T.B. MacRury --
High-conversion polymerization kinetic modeling using gel permeation chromatography / S.T. Balke and R.D. Patel --
Moleculr weight and top broadening calibration in measurement exclusion chromatography : use of a number of vast molecular weight distribution criteria for linear polymers / A.E. Hamielec and S.N.E. Omorodion --
impression of solute form or conformation in dimension exclusion chromatography / W.W. Yau and D.D. Bly --
High-performance gel permeation chromatography characterization of oligomers utilized in coatings platforms / Cheng-Yih Kuo and Theodore Provder --
dimension exclusion chromatography of a few reversed micellar platforms / Paul L. Dubin --
Polymerization and dilute resolution characterization of poly(dichlorophosphazene) / Gary L. Hagnauer --
Characterization of poly(dichlorophosphazene) via gel permeation chromatography / H.E. Adams, J.K. Valaitis, C.W. Henderson, and E.J. Straus --
Optimization of top separation and broadening in aqueous gel permeation chromatography : nonionic polyacrylamides / S.N.E. Omorodion, A.E. Hamielec, and J.L. Brash --
organic functions on spherogel TSK-SW-type gel : a brand new high-performance aid for aqueous dimension exclusion chromatography / R. Somack, V.S. McKay, and J.W. Giles --
Use of sephadex gels with aqueous pyridine solvent to figure out purity degrees of hydrophilic polymeric dyes containing hydrophobic impurities / Anthony R. Cooper and Dena S. Van Derveer.

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