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This booklet is dedicated completely to differential prognosis in pediatric dermatology. It covers the complete diversity of appropriate stipulations: inherited dermis problems; nevi; viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections; zits; allergic ailments; autoimmune epidermis issues; connective tissue ailments; tumors; and miscellaneous stipulations. every one comparability addresses the differential prognosis among (or sometimes 3 or 4) dermatological stipulations, containing among and 6 photos and a brief textual content emphasizing the medical transformations among the ailments in query. on the finish of every bankruptcy, a precis highlights one or features crucial for the differential prognosis. the writer is knowledgeable who, seeing that 1982, has been accountable for a column dedicated to the differential prognosis of pediatric dermatology within the eu magazine of Pediatric Dermatology. the quantity will characterize an amazing device for pediatric dermatologists, pediatricians, and GPs, and should aid them within the diagnostic process.​

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1. Lichen Planus 2. Lichen Aureus Pathogenesis Autoimmune. Unknown. Mucosal involvement common. Absent. Nail involvement attainable. Absent. Itching frequently current. infrequent. epidermis lesions Flat papules and pigmented sequelae. Flat papules and pigmented maculae. form of pigment Melanin. Hemosiderin. Lesion distribution frequently bilateral, not often segmental. often segmental, hardly bilateral. fundamental situation Volar floor of the wrists, limbs, chest. reduce limbs. colour of pigmented lesions Purplish or sepia. Red-brownish or sepia. pink dots by no means. regularly, other than in the course of remission. disorder period frequently lower than 1 12 months. often, greater than 2 years. Dermoscopy Pearly-white, amorphous, branched constructions, on the outer edge of which hyperpigmented red-brownish skinny information, parallel or radial, and globules could be noticeable (Fig. 1b). larger or lesser variety of pink globules, with blurred borders, which stand out opposed to a brownish heritage (Fig. 2b). Histological findings Hypergranulosis, vacuolar degeneration of the cells of the basal layer, sawtooth epidermal crests, band-like lymphocytic infiltrate within the superficial epidermis. Band-like lymphocytic infiltrate within the superficial epidermis, edematous endothelial cells and dilated capillaries, extravasated erythrocytes and hemosiderin pigment. Lichen Planus vs. Lichen Aureus 117 1. Lichen Planus 2. Lichen Aureus Fig. 1a Fig. 2a Fig. 1b Dermoscopy of Fig. 1a Fig. 2b Dermoscopy of Fig. 2a Diagnostic precis Lichen planus: no purple globules current. Lichen aureus: purple globules are obvious to the bare eye, extra so utilizing a dermoscope. Miscellaneous goods E. Bonifazi, Differential prognosis in Pediatric Dermatology, DOI: 10. 1007/978-88-470-2859-3_10 © Springer-Verlag Italia 2013 120 Miscellaneous goods 1. Plantar Ecchymosis 2. Plantar Melanocytic Nevus occasionally, a plantar bruise can simulate a melanocytic nevus. The medical heritage of the sufferer doesn't regularly make clear the time of onset. 1. Plantar Ecchymosis 2. Plantar Melanocytic Nevus Age concerned extra universal in younger athletic matters. Any age. historical past An ecchymosis of 6–7 mm can't final for greater than three months. A historical past of trauma might be detected. A nevus of 6 mm or better should have a historical past lasting a number of years and will now not were spotted merely within the final month or so. Symmetry often unilateral, it can be bilateral and symmetrical (Fig. 1a). often unilateral. abnormal shade Absent. occasionally current. Dermoscopy Blood lacunae; while superficial, they're dispensed alongside the dermatoglyphics (Fig. 1b). Melanin pigment; while superficial, it really is disbursed alongside the furrows (Fig. 2b). medical direction Intraepidermal ecchymoses succeed in the outside inside of a number of weeks and are then eradicated as squamous crusts. Melanocytic nevi persist unchanged through the years, whatever the gradual development as a result of the innovative lengthening of the foot in little ones. Diagnostic precis Plantar ecchymosis: blackish lesions look by surprise, with blood lacunae on dermoscopy. Plantar melanocytic nevus: continual blackish lesion with melanocytic development on dermoscopy.

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